About Us

When you think about it, getting people and businesses to acknowledge the benefits of increasing Cost efficiency is an easy sell. Are there any people or companies worrying that their manufacturing costs-continue to go up? No. The hard part is finding the best solution partners who can work synergistically in the manufacturing sector and companies are being asked to improve profitability through greater cost controls. Now that the goal has been identified, the time has come to find, develop and implement the best ways to make the manufacturing sector more cost effective.

Econ Machineries is a full-service designer and manufacturer of high quality, innovative company offering various industrial services. Our equipments have been used in a variety of industries –high tech domains like semiconductor, automotive, appliance, and heavy equipment. We are a team of passionate engineers and machine tradesmen who can design and develop virtually any type of engineered products.

We have a great experience across a wide range of market sectors with the majority of our customers spread across globe who are into high tech domains. We have been engaged in Precision Machining works, fabrication, Process equipments, fixtures and customized products for niche markets.

Econ Machineries strives to:

  • Produce premier industrial equipment and services at a competitive price.
  • Maintain a close relationship and ongoing communication with clients.
  • Provide full service including in-house design, machining, fabrication, and assembly.
  • Offer added value by supporting clients after project completion.
To earn a pride of place at global markets by manufacturing high Precision state- of -the -art components meeting the exacting requirements of customer.
To be a leading supplier for high precision components ad equipments, catering to power sectors, automotive, textiles, heavy industries, construction and general engineering.

What Client say about us?


I am always impressed with the service orientation I find when I interact with Econ Machineries. They respond to questions almost immediately and address problems very effectively. The end product from them always been great and precise and to the point.


Senior Design Engineer, Raad Systems

Why Choose Us?

Talented Staff

Our staff are innovators, highly skilled and fully qualified trades people.


Whether your job is low or high volume, we’re flexible. Challenges accepted.


Highly equipped to offer a really diverse range of in-house capabilities.


Using CNC and “old school” manual machining to achieve the highest std.