Econ Machineries provides services in Assembly works, Fixtures Making, Precision Components, Clamping Solutions and customized product equipment as per the clients specification to OEMs, companies in automobiles, semiconductor, heavy equipment and other industries with at most precision.

Each customer has unique requirements which is why we seek to understand exactly why they are considering outsourcing. A decade of experience in this industry has allowed us to determine how best to use our breadth of manufacturing capability in order to meet their requirements and provide maximum value contribution.

Assembly Works
Econ Machineries provides excellent assembly solution by bringing all parts and make it as one product. Take advantage of our unique experience to make sure you get the highest quality products to meet your needs.
Fixtures Making
Econ Machineries Excellence Design & Manufacture high-quality jigs and fixtures in Bangalore.

When you need accuracy and precision in the manufacturing of parts, Econ Machineries Excellence has the talent and know-how to build superior fixtures and jigs to hold and support parts being machined to fine tolerances, therefore you do not find any problems in fitments of your assemblies.

From simple jigs to complex fixtures for unique products we have been recognized across the industries and our customers are our brand ambassadors. Take advantage of our unique experience to make sure you get the highest quality products to meet your needs. We provide complete solutions and services from concept phase, proof of concept for technical feasibility, detailed design, manufacture, testing and installation.

Precision Components
We manufacture high quality-precision Components, products and deliver on time. You can rely on our dedication to quality and precision to deliver creatively designed, thoroughly tested solutions for all Applications.

Econ Machineries Excellence custom manufacturer of precision components for the Power sector, Automation, textiles, automotive, construction equipments and Capabilities include CNCs, EDMs, Grinding, wire cutting, laser cutting etc.

Clamping Solutions
We provide services for developing high quality clamp solutions and we have been consistent suppliers to many OEMs as per their requirement and deliver on time.

From simple clamps to complex clamps which have excellent experience in delivering point clamps, boiler clamps, Pole clamps and others which are critical in for the safety of the equipments.

What Client say about us?


I am always impressed with the service orientation I find when I interact with Econ Machineries. They respond to questions almost immediately and address problems very effectively. The end product from them always been great and precise and to the point.


Senior Design Engineer, Raad Systems